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The act of checking out ones own ass to make sure it is appealing. This can also include another persons opinion to back up your own.

Usually played out by a female who is looking to purchase a new pair of pants or the like, and this act will either make or break the purchase.
(Carly was trying on a pair of pants at the mall, and when she exited the change room to show Megan there was a moment of awkward silence.)

Carly: Wow these jeans fit like a glove, and they're so comfortable!

Megan: uhh.. Carly, have you given yourself the booty assessment yet?

Carly: (walks to the 3-way mirror and does a twirl)

Carly: Jesus christ are you kidding me? These pants make my ass look as deformed as Joan Rivers' face!
by ae123456 August 10, 2009
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