1.) Ugly, busted , usually referring to a girl.

2.) To vomit from drinking too much alcohol, especially tequila.

3.) To kick a player out of an IRC or chat room, or online video game.
Dude, look at her. She mad boot.

Shit man, I just finished my tenth shot, I gotta boot!

will sum1 make that n00b stfu and boot him?
by mei0023 April 06, 2005
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an utterly useless and sorry person with the IQ of a mentally chalenged osterich.
Origin- This word was first used with this definition appx. 8 years ago when a person fitting the above description constantly wore a set of "expensive" cowboy boots to school. The term has become semi-popular and has been adopted by the local fire department as well as many other people in western Mass.
You boots, you just spent $2000.00 on eBay to reserve a place in Heaven?
by C7 November 26, 2004
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buy the domain for your art site
to move, to leave, to get outa there
"babe, u wanna boot?"
"yea sure"
"quick! lets boot!"
by loodie July 25, 2005
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An Australian term for an annoying person. Can be used as a noun or an adjective.
1. He is such a boot
2. That was a bit of a boot thing to say
by The yard rat September 06, 2010
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over in londen, england, they call the trunk of your car, a boot
Hey, stick your stuff in my boot.
Did you stick your jacket in the boot.
by Rosincore May 18, 2005
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