Acronym- Begining Of One's Term. Used in the military for someone who has not been in as long as the speaker. Usually used in anger or during an ass chewing.
"Where is your fucken weapon you stupid fucken BOOT!!!"
by savangilice March 26, 2010
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The space at the back or front of a car were you can store things. The boot is also known as "trunk"...
- Open the boot so i can put the dead body into it!
- Hey did you take the shopping out the boot yet?
- I keep my spare tyre in the boot!
by Edward Mcpherson April 19, 2007
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(noun)- can refer to anything that is fresh, pimp, gangsta, etc. used as the basis of language by advanced slang users of the east coast (originating out of Hockessin).
(verb)- to "boot" is to do anything that has a fresh, pimp, gangsta, etc. result, such as smacking a hoe across the face with your dick, or making a large amount of money in a short amount of time.
(adjective)- describes something that is fresh, pimp, or g'd out, AKA "bootworthy", such as a succulent blowjob, brand new j's, or a fresh pair of stunnas.
G.Burg- "Aww this my song, its fresh-as-a-BOOOOT!"
GT- "Shit son you know I heard dat piece errday on the block when I be bootin on these hoes left and right nawmean?"
G. Burg-"Yea you was bootin n scootin all up in dat piece on the real. Show dem hoes no love tho cuz they be scuffin up my boot!"
Gt- "Don't worry, I ain't gon let a hoe mess with my boot cuz if they do I'm gon whip out my boot and youuuuu all over their face!"
G.Burg- "Boot, Boot, Boot!"

by G-Boot March 25, 2008
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A chemist, which also sells electrical goods etc. - all hideously overpriced. It is the Chav's store of choice. They do not buy from the store, they steal, then go back to school and brag about it, offering to "nick anything for anybody at a fair price." This is what the common Chav will refer to as a hustle.
Vicky: Yeah, I nicked six fluorescent nail varnishes on Saturday. I'm going again on Monday, so if you want owt nicking let me know yeah?
Derek: Get lost, ingrate.
by Claire July 24, 2005
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v. to fart
n. a scent reminiscent to that of a fart
"Who booted?"
"Smells like boot village up in here!"
"Yo it smells like intense boot!"
via giphy
by sartoriustutorials August 15, 2017
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a person that does extra and posts extra stuff on facebook just to let the world know how bad ass they are for being in the military.
"That dude Tyler Wilkerson likes to take pictures in his uniform on the weekend. What a boot!"
by bootcamp kids May 23, 2017
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