Used as an exclamation when something incredibly spectacular happens. It can also be used to describe a clutch performance or an otherwise impressive feat.
As his teammate clinches a victory, Jake exclaims “Boom Baby!!”

When something 'extra' special happens, just add "Kaboom" for emphasis...

"Boom Baby, Kaboom!!!!"
by Rsquared November 24, 2007
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It is the first two words that come to your mind when you hear the persons name or see them and you think he/she is a fucking piece of shit douche.
Guy 1: "Barber wants to come over and get baked."
Guy 2: "BOOM BABY!!!!"
by twilth November 8, 2009
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some fucked up italian guy who yells at you after you hit his wife in the face with a ball.
-Hey, Ball!
-Boom boom baby boom!
-you fuck!
by floaty April 23, 2005
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in the 1950s and 1960s people had more children

average number of kids that women gave birth to went from 2 to 4 from 1940 and 1960.

yearly number of births rose from 2.5 million to a peak of 4.3 million in 1957
The post war baby boom was from 1946-1964.
by kilas May 1, 2008
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1.(n). A weapon first deployed by the United States during WWI which involved strapping high-explosives to infants and dropping them from planes into trenches.

2.(n). In WWII, the Baby Boom was America's equivalent to Hitler's Blitzkrieg, although much less effective.
1. "Trench warfare is too dangerous for infantry, have the bombers deploy the baby booms to weaken their fortifications."

2."General! Our baby booms suck! We're runnin' low on babies and the damage they cause is minimal!"
by Malcolm Q May 8, 2007
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when you shove a lit cherry bomb up a baby's ass
Did you see that baby boom last night? I think the parents are going to jail for that. It was sweet as hell though.
by tim willis May 6, 2008
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