When you’re taking a shit and that liquid remanente of ur shit is the boom boom juices
Bruh his shit was so bad it came out with lots of boom boom juice
by ShackTheKing December 24, 2019
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Hugh: "Wanna have some boom boom pow?"
Janis: "Yes. I consent to boom boom pow."
by womaninskimask March 8, 2021
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The act of grinding on a random person-particually on a male- in a bar while he is paying his tab.
Random Guy: Wait! I am boom boom powing right now! Gimme a sec.
by Jmaster July 16, 2012
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When a baksteen is thrown through the air a hits someone's kop it goes boom boom ra ta ta
*gooi-ing a baksteen*
*hits guy 1 on the kop*
Guy 1's kop :"boom boom ra ta ta "
by maatjie & haar goose February 13, 2022
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Process of abortion. Involves getting blackout drunk and throwing yourself down a flight of stairs. Very effective and affordable.
Carmen was scared she may be Prego so she used the boom boom tequila stairs method.
by Calta crew 69 October 1, 2020
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When you finally grow an ass and tits to fill out a bra and pants
I just got all boom-budy-boom-boom
by Sandwich Lovers June 1, 2018
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