A shady character that takes illegal bets on horse races, fights, sports games. Such people usually are robbed regularly as they have large amounts of money.
Oh shit, I went to the bookie but then he got pinched! There goes my bet.
by Killer Croc May 24, 2006
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Another word for boo or someone you mess with , like alot or even your significant other
I love you soo much bookie.

Who mike , yea i like him that's my bookie.
by Carmaro March 23, 2017
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someone who places a bet in a licenced area of betting and gambling
alright mate, just popped to the bookies won 10 grand!
by Boookie July 2, 2015
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means wierd or unusual in some way
'yeh they had sex in a bus shelter...'
'a bus shelter?! hahh thats just bookie!'

'you are the bookiest person i know'
by mamimami January 26, 2011
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is a word that describes a totally nerd, and a book worm person who always make his move by the book and according to the book and talks only what is written on a book that he or she have read.
He is a bookie type of person who always insist his idea based from gathered news.
by Morris Eugedo March 24, 2008
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