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A book girl is a very smart girl, sometimes attractive. They usually score higher than average grades in school, and are in constant competition with others to be number one. They have no life goals except to be on the Deans list, get an A in every class, and work at top tier companies. Most are crazy, in that an “A-“is something to cry and bitch over, because it’s “failing”. The average book girl doesn't have many friends, nor do they socialize well with others. They read for hours a day, without admitting it, and are usually thought of as someone stupid by other classmates because they are not extraverts. Usually book girls aren’t identified on the spot but rather when someone exclaims how the “girl over there, got the only A on the exam” etc. Most book girls wonder why they can't or don't find many men suitable for them. This is because of their high emphasis on school and grades and therefore a lack of outside hobbies. Most attractive men give a book girl the cold shoulder due to their zero interest in having a social life beyond school. Most of these girls are hated by average men as well, due to the fact that they lie about school and social activities (supposed cool stuff) they claim to be doing outside of school/work a lot, which is not true. Most book girls attempt to be cool and claim they don't study nor do they ever say how they do in school. However, they almost usually get A's and the way to know this is when they claim they did badly yet they "smile". They are hated much by all people because of their "lies" about being average like others when they are not and how they find it funny to laugh at the others whom are misfortunate when it comes to grades. The average book girl will never get married (and remains a virgin for a long time) or doesn't get married at all, if so well until their late 30's to mid 40's. This is because of there stuck up attitude, they are not found very attractive (even if they look good), and need things to always be perfect, hence trying to find the perfect man, which in reality doesn't exist. The way to know when men are referring to a book girl is when discussing among themselves about the girls they meet, and ask if the girl is “normal”. If the girl isn't considered “normal” then they are a book girl, and are not hit on no further. If they are considered “cool” then they are down to earth and not a book girl.
Ben: Dude you see that girl over there, she is the only one who got an A on the test.

Dave: Yea, I asked her if she would help me, and she claims she needs a tutor herself, what bs. She also said she didn't do so hot, I didn't know she passed.

Ben: what a book girl

by Ihateoverachievers March 24, 2007
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