A lat, an oaf, buffoon, unrecognized for their genome; they posses a large variety of skills, unfortunately, not any of them are very viable.
"Look at that damn boogy sitting out with the squaller, dancing and all, looks like he's off his rocker"
by wonsypasalapipa March 12, 2018
Boogy is the type of person to just be all around annoying, an adjective for the person you hate the most. Also spams on the internet
by FluxInferno May 26, 2018
Hey bro, did u bring the boogies?”
“Of course, we getting high today”
by MknSmiley November 2, 2020
swamp people running from alligators yelling things you cannot understand while doing the hoe down
midgets having sex is the vanilla version of the bayou boogie.
by Alexsbaconaterhotwife November 19, 2022
When another cums and it inserts anothers nose when they go pick for it
Guy-“Oh baby I’m about to cum”
Girl-“You got it in my nose. I’m gonna have to pick it out “
Guy-“ lol you got a cum boogy “
by Nickfx127 October 15, 2017
A Noogie, performed with a booger on the knuckles for gross out effect.
This kid in my class was talking trash so I gave him a Boogie Noogie
by NekroGGRE May 6, 2021
1. An activity done by a (usually) young male trying to imitate what he sees on MTV and/or rap videos in order to capitalize on a fad while he can. Typically people who do the monkey boogie do so for money or fame and rarely for personal expression.

2. The act of participating in a trend or fad.
"I saw a new music video today. Yet another person doing the monkey boogie to make money."

"I saw a douche bag drive by today doing the monkey boogie to rap music that shook my windows."

"Look at that chick with bleach blonde streaks and her boyfriend wearing thick-rimmed white sunglasses. They are doing the monkey boogie."
by steakface_burr November 20, 2009