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when you blow your nose on toilet paper first and then wipe your butt with it and the boogers get stuck in your butt and when you fart a snot bubble comes out.
person 1: is it wrong to wipe your butt with the same piece of toilet paper you blew your nose with?
person 2: nah man, that just makes you a booger butt.
by booogerbutt December 19, 2009
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A butt filled with Delicious green num-nums. If you stick your finger in a boogerbutt and scream "WEEEEEEEEEEEEE I AM A HAMSTER!" a magic monkey with a tiara and a penis enlargement pump will appear and grant you seven wishes, but they have to be wishes starting with the words "Fo Shizzal! Dis be my wish!" If you are nice and free the monkey forever, they say he will either summon brimstone and fire from the sky or take you to monkey world where you can eat bananas and play the butt trombone, depending on if you are good or evil.
"Weeeeeee! Boogerbutts for all!"
by Dj Jazzy Trevor May 06, 2004
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Used when you got a huge booger on your finger and whip it on the ass on some asshole oh makes fun of you for pickin your nose.
Jake: hey what that on Ian's ass?

Jon: Oh, thats Travis's booger.

Travis: Yeah, he was being a Douche so i gave him a Booger Butt.
by armament24 March 16, 2009
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