Objects that women use to control the world.
Woman in 2004: I'll show you my boobs if you vote for Bush again.
Man: OK.
by bccxcc July 10, 2008
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Voluptuous lumps on a woman's chest, if they are big and bouncy ...well then you got the tool to seduce and man into whatever you want him to do
Girl: hey babe can you get me a smoothie

Guy: ugh do I have to

Girl( comes out shirtless letting her massive boobs bounce near her boyfriends face ): please babe for me I'll let you touch my boobs later

by Sexy blonde chick December 30, 2014
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A Pair of beautiful round-like objects, that makes men go like:


And the undeniable proof of that the world is not as twisted as it seems.

(By the way for you women out there, watch out for guys, they seem to have large attraction to boobs, especially if they are big.)
Horny Guy: Man, did you see our new teacher? She has some impressive boobs!

Guy: Yeah, I like big boobs.

Horny Guy: Who doesn't?

Guy: Gays...?
by Numenor July 17, 2008
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mighty weapons, that are given to women by the gods, so they can use them to control men.
(almost) every girl receives them, around the age of 12.
some women have received bigger 'boobs', wich work even better for controling men.
girl: 'i will show you my boobs, if you get me the concert tickets i asked for'
by pwnhead February 23, 2010
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2 big (or small) flobs of fat with dots on them of which men are obsessed with and women use the to get their way.

also after playing with them in sex and you have kids milky come out to feed your kid.
boooooobbbbiiiieeeeeezzzz *drool*

yum boobs
by qwertyuiop[]]\asdfgdkjshui! January 26, 2009
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Created so guys have something to look at while women talk.
Women: "So then we had to take Christina out to dinner for her cheer meet, but I had to go to the gym later that night so I had to get Caroll to do it. Then after we took Ryan & the boys out to go see a movie, and Sherri was telling me about how her poodle just gave birth to 4 puppies..."

Guy: *Staring at boobs* Mhm..*Nods head*
by aliyahlovah July 01, 2010
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Sometimes big, jiggly things on a female's chest (and sometimes on a fat male's chest, bleck). On a female's chest, guys go crazy and will do anything you want them to do if you let them see or feel them. They come in pairs and have round nipples and areolas on the center.
Pig guy #1- "Hey, check her boobs out, they're so big and yummy!"
Pig guy #2- "Oohh, what I would do to get me some of her!"
by gogglehead June 28, 2009
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