1. A very dumb person
2. Slang for a woman's breast
3. Boys
4. Mispelling of "Bob"
"Shut up, you boob!"
"Does this shirt make my boobs look big?"
"Hi ya Boob--er--Bob!"
by Gwen Stefani Grrl October 21, 2003
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The things women use to attract the wrong kind of attention and then get mad at guys when they get exactly what they set out for.
Sue was out clubbing with the girls wearing the tightest, lowest, tank top she could find. Then she complained after that all the guys there were animals because all they did was stare at her boobs.
by Halie_B October 08, 2009
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Things that guys suck and play with while having hot sex with a girl
He rubbed her boobs as he pounded her into a hard rythm
by Kaleigh November 30, 2003
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Gods Best Creation Yet... Next to Pizza Delivery.
Look at those boobs! i would like to get to know her if u know what i mean!
by rawrimadinosaur July 21, 2009
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A soft, sexy, and erotic part of a women's body, often rubbed or played with during foreplay.
Before I had sex with Stacie, she took great pleasure in my rubbing of her boobs.
by Candice Michelle February 17, 2008
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