Exotic colorful tassles attached to the jumblies.
Frow Farbisina twirled her boobie tassles round and round
by Kayla and Brittany February 23, 2005
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nipple pasties that women put on their boobs with little tassles hanging off of them. they use them for sexual fantasies and such.
"Stop swinging your booby tassles, Martha, or you will be in big trouble with Dad." (Dusty Geer)
by Dusty Lynn June 28, 2006
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The act of one getting so bored while living in Wisconsin, that they take the alligator clips usually used to jump start a car battery, attach them to their nipples and to a car battery, and then procede to ask a friend to rev your car engine
God Damn, Wisconsin is boring in the winter! Lets go make some Wisconsin Booby Tassles
by Abby Hager April 07, 2006
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