It's the sweat that accumilates under big boobs
It was so hot outside that I had mass amounts of boob sweat.
by Tiffany2583 January 5, 2007
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Worse than the ordinary sweat for the female; face, stomach and armpits. Causes your bra to become completely soaked and a pool of sweat to settle right in the middle of your chest.
Sasha: It's so hot outside!
Kim: I know, I've got major boob sweat.
by BoobSweatSucks November 17, 2009
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the sweat that develops on a womans cleavage. not on the breast itself, but in between.
Sydney: Alaina, you have boob sweat.
Alaina: WHAT!? no i dont, ew.
Sydney: r u kidding? thats effin hot!
Alaina: :)
by ilessthan3boobsweat January 20, 2009
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1. Rivers McKenzie.
2. Something you call someone with large pit stains who shows them to everyone.
3. Persperation from a breast.
Hey Boobsweat, stop showing everyone your pitstains and get your sweaty ass over here!
by Christina, the awesomest July 21, 2004
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