Device used for lighting cones of cheeba(weed). Usually contains water if your not chinese eyes before you start.
give us a gander at your bong broder!
by b-rad90 March 27, 2007
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A Bong is a device, often used by people who smoke cannabis, which helps the user ingest an extreme amount of doughnuts. Each use or hit off a bong is called a rip; a typical user will consume between 4 and 12 doughnuts in a normal bong rip. The device consists of a long hollow tube, or chamber, and an air hole, also known as a carb. To prepare the bong for use the user stuffs the desired amount of doughnuts into the chamber. Care must be taken not to stuff too many doughnuts in or the doughnuts will face an obstruction during the high speed exit phase.

Once the bong has been loaded the user wraps their lips around it and turns it upside down. Another person hooks up an air compressor to the carb and starts to inject air around 15 or 20 PSI (2 maple bar). The higher pressure forces the doughnuts down and out the tube. With carefully timed swallowing motions the doughnuts can be swallowed without choking.

A bong is typically purchased at a speciality store for consumers of cannabis known as a supermarket.

See also: vaporizer

Source: Uncyclopedia
Joe just ate 12 donuts in a single rip from the bong. Holy shit!
by Arm April 14, 2006
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"alex you forgot smoking lamp"

-then he throws the bong and breaks it-

-grandmas boy(:
by morgasm(: January 18, 2009
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the coolest thing to smoke weed from!
i used a "strap on" bong to smoke my weed with sharky! lmao!
by Anonymous July 01, 2003
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Actually a korean fighting stick, about six feet long. Similar to a quarterstaff.
"We will now do bong practice, followed by Son Mok Sul."
by Elohim February 16, 2005
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Device used mostly for cannabis smoking.
can be combined with gasmask for pwnage result and respect.

Guy with hair looking like he just toked the biggest bowl of super skunk ever, in one hit.

Catchphrase from the movie Jay and silent bob, when pwning someone.
Thats a cool pencil holder maan.
Nope thats a "bong" its used for time travel. or.

Woow look at the guy with the fucked up hair I think im gonna name him Bong.

"I smoked that guys ass, !!Booooouunng!!.
by Methodiac February 14, 2005
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