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Porn. This is the most classic and clean synonym for porn there has ever been since the 1960's. When you read BongChickaBongBong, there is only one thing that comes to most people's mind and that is porn.

That being said, Bong Chicka Bong Bong (aka- Bong Chika Bong Bong) is also another way of saying "sex" without actually saying sex.

Nancy Jiles, a commentator of CBS's "Sunday Moring" used BongChickaBongBong in her commentary on August 26, 2007. Her usage of the phrase was appropriate, clean and contextual.

BongChickaBongBong is also the verbal way to imitate the stereotypical porn music used in the industry.

BongChickaBongBong would be a great website if someone wanted to develop it.
You haven't had any bong-chicka-bong-bong in a while have you?

Everyone should get a little bong chicka bong bong every now and then.

It ain't wrong to want some bong chicka bong bong!
by Tarpley September 12, 2007
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