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A hearty meal that was recommended to Alex of the YouTube channel, "I Hate Everything" by user Gurk Face
Wow Alex, think you're smart?? haha bitch zoella is much better than you cuz she has 10 mil and you have 1 fucking baby boo with goo in your diaper

also eat a bong booty
by spaceinspace January 31, 2017
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a butt which,after undergoing Bong Booty Surgery, is used to smoke weed/tobacco from (using the anus as the hole you suck the smoke from and the separate hole you explicitly drilled into your rectal cavity during Bong Booty Surgery you use as the bowl and downstem.
"Party at my place tonight,I got a Bong Booty and shit's gonna get lit" -literally
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by Not=A_hIGH_IDEA May 24, 2018
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A body type described as being slim down to the waist, with an enormous ass of Satanic proportions.
When used for a male, it can be said to mean nu-male, soyboy, or a beta cuck.
For a female: Damnnn, that bitch got a bongbooty.
For a male: Pussyass bongbooty cuck.
by lordofdances May 08, 2018
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