A boner is a long, pointy joystick that guys can get while feeling aroused.
Tim saw Kayla’s boobs , *ding*! That’s right,,,, he has a boner
by Sloshii October 15, 2017
What occurs when blood rushes to the penis, causing it to stick up. it is also possibly the worst thing to get before a school presentation.
While I was in a school play, I got a boner.
by Sapphire Flames February 16, 2011
Something that is so awesome, it can make you hard without physical contact.
That cake was so bonerizing i had to tighten my belt a notch to hide my hard on.

Dude, I got a quadruple kill in call of duty last night with a RPG and it was so bonerizing
by Julesfools February 19, 2010
Something you get in class. Fucking annoying.
Fixed by going to bathroom and wanking off, or flipping around between the pants and stomach.
I was working on an essay in English III and got a boner! GOD DAMMIT! Now I have to non-chalantly flip it up between my pants and stomach! GOD DAMMIT SOMEONE SAW ME!
by A God Damned Furry September 11, 2011
A severe case of the boners.
Harley was ashamed to stand up in front of the audience due to his advanced boneritis.
by Ninjasurfer June 22, 2007
when the blood from your brain goes to your penis when you see a hot girl.
*coming out of a swimming pool* oh crap I have a boner! *shows through your shorts* dammit!!!
by TheNomster November 9, 2011
I was sitting in social studies doing my work then my crush Ashley got up and bent over the desk in front of me. I sat there staring at her ass and didn't realize I had a big boner. She sat back down and looked at me and smiled then turned around. I looked down at my boner and bit my lip. Thank goodness I was in the back of the class. I unzipped my zipper and took my boner out. I looked to see if there was anyone looking and slowly started jacking off. I moaned softly and the teacher stared at me for a moment then looked down. I went back to jacking off but then my hand gir tired. I rubbed it with the desk and bit my lip. I had so many waves of pleasure go thru me then I came under the desk with a loud moan and everyone stared at me.
by mlpgod June 10, 2017