An charismatic, brilliant, and over the top person, who is deliciously naughty, that people love to hate. They are often also dangerous or treacherous.
Anne: Oh my god Shaniqua, I can't you caught Milo Yiannopoulos sucking your husband's cock at your baby shower!

Shaniqua: I know, he such a fucking Bond Villain!
by _Lord_Byron April 2, 2016
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Something you don't see in a James Bond film. Ppl eople know they exist, but they're left in the dark about them.
The female bond villain told the miserable faggot agent to get off her boat so Duke could lick caviar off her tits.
by Solid Mantis March 4, 2021
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Perjorative used to describe a villain who is supposed to be very smart, but their actions are profoundly stupid. Actions such as explaining their plan to the hero before killing them. Or leaving the room before confirming that the hero is dead.
Person 1: "Damn, Professor Perilous is so dumb! Obviously Action Jack will get out of this and foil him."

Person 2: "I know right? He's such a Bond Villain."
by My Snake is Solid April 15, 2019
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