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1. To get completely and totally inebriated. To go on a drinking binge.

2. To down in one gulp an abandoned, half-finished drink full of cigarette butts, etc. at a bar or party when one has run out of money, and/ or any other source of alcohol.

3.To get up like no other, to tag a building, vehicle (moving or stationary), or other object that has never been graffitied.

4. To write comments such as "I hate my mom" on the ass cheeks (usually with sharpie marker) of one who has passed out at a party, photograph result, and then to post said pictures on the internets.

4.Pull off a feat previously thought to be impossible, to do something totally absurd and senseless

5.To drunk post on Facebook

See also Mr. Show, NASA mission announcements
"Sorry to hear about your break up."
"Yeah, I bombed the moon. I've been thinking about going to rehab. Did you see the... gulp... pics?"
"Ummm, yeah. I'm really sorry. It happens, but, umm, I gotta go."

"Oh shit, oh shit, your leg's broken! I can see the bone and everything! I'm gonna be sick!"
"Bomb the moon. I fuckin' bombed the moon! fuck yeah! I bombed the moon!"
"But seriously, your leg's broken."
by errataagain October 09, 2009
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