India’s biggest chutiya Salman khan is known as criminal of Bollywood. Reason you know. He is tatti khan.
Criminal of Bollywood spotted at Jodhpur.
by Fakeer 3.0 August 6, 2019
SRK is the worst actor of bollywood. For SRK spreading stinky arms & doing Titanic Pose means acting, thats why he is the worst actor of bollywood.
After seeing SRKs cringeworthy acting in Ra One, Happy New Year, Guddu aliens stopped visiting earth.
SRK turns emotional scene into comedy, action scene into horror.
SRK spent his whole life by doing overacting.
Worst Actor of bollywood kaun hai?
Golden Kela Awards - SRK
Dhakkan Awards - SRK
Akshay Kumar termed as Non Actor of Bollywood. This C grade canadian actor has given 80 flops in his career. Most of the production houses, distributors had to commit suicide all because of his super disasters.
Q - Yeh non actor of bollywood kaun hai?
Audience - Canadian Akshay Kumar jo expressions kam masude jyada dikhata hai
Canadian Akshay Kumar is the Flop King of Bollywood. With more than 80 flops & disasters on his credit he deserve to the greatest flop king of bollywood. Lets not forget this flop king of bollywood also ruled overseas market with 120 flops.
Who said this? Hum jidhar release karte hai flop udhar hi ho jaati hai
A - Akshay Kumar The Flop King Of Bollywood
Canadian actor Akshay kumar is gay of bollywood...From being a gay icon to his mother in law thinking him as a gay..No one is as gayish as him..Some people also call him Chakki .
Do u know who is Gay Person of Bollywood sleeping with these days. .Kjo.
by Wickedmind July 6, 2019
Akshay Kumar King Of Bollywood
SRK : mai Khud Bollywood
Akshay : Haa Malum Hai Apne baap Ko mat Sikha
King Of Bollywood
by Kingsbr November 5, 2020