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A method of getting females to sit on your lap. You sit in a chair next to a drunken female and then you grab her by the hips and pull her onto your lap. its brilliant.
Dude check it out I'm gonna pull the ol' boivin on her.
by Bongman October 04, 2007
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Extremely cocky, ass hole to women, and can always get them go do the dishes. He would bang anything, even a wet faucet. God saw it fit to stop this crazy bastard so he took away one nut, it still didnt work. He is also known as the "walking boner"
"Dont bend over its Boivin."
by patpd8387 November 05, 2008
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A Boy who is overly horny. He is one who frequently stalks a girl who works at a resteraunt. He masturbates to older chicks online a lot. He is characterized by his acne on his face and back and suffers from small penisitis.
"Oh is that a Boivin having another acne breakout while getting excited talking to older chicks?"
by Peter Forsberg June 30, 2006
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