To inhale or "hit" an unlit blunt, to check the pull and taste of it. This can also be done with a cigarette, pipe, or bong, but serves no purpose.
Dude, boink this cig its a peppermint patty.
by jdick8 June 17, 2010
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boink, a word used to fill any action you use in a sentence
i was boinking last night. i boinked her hard. did you get boinked on the head. your such a boinker.
by does it matter April 23, 2003
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When your playing Cod 3 and on the offensive(not defensive) and you get a direct body shot for the win on fringe.
by Who dat bitch. December 25, 2017
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n. A social gathering arranged via the internet (originated by Peter Korn as β€˜Boinkon’); weekday get-togethers held in the San Francisco Bay Area.
"The next boink is being held at the coffee shop downtown."
by MacDaffy July 06, 2012
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Its used to describe two peoples foreheads touching right before a kiss( but there doesn't need to be a kiss to follow a boink up )
Oh they are tottaly enjoying a boink
via giphy
by Friggs August 25, 2017
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