"dude, i boinked her!"

"...did you just say boinked?"

"i'm gay"
by pizzaman2o1o January 04, 2008
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To poke finger on someones nose, or to sit on a ball during a concert.


A word Jared Leto uses when he wants to drive the Echelon crazy.
Jared boinked the ball during the concert and fell on his butt. Ball 1 Jared 0

Jared Leto: Who wants to know a secret? BOINK!

Boink has taken the place of soon for Jared Leto
by Noele6277 May 03, 2012
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An exclamation of victory, especially when smacking someone. Originated from the Team Fortress Scout character, who exclaims "Boink!" and "Bonk!" when he lands a hit with his baseball bat.
-run up behind someone and smack them on the head, and they drop what they're carrying-
by Missmaggy2u May 23, 2012
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Jeremiah buttered himself up and allowed himself to be gang boinked by three ultra portly asian ladies.
by provider44 January 17, 2010
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a synonym for boner, stiffy or woody,etc.
Girl: nice boink!
Guy: (Blushes and looks down his pants.
by citylifeloving March 01, 2012
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Used by the geeky guy in the film Road Trip. To have sex with someone.
Man, i boinked her good!
by tim mitchell July 08, 2003
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During vaginal intercourse, most usually from the rear, when the penis slips out of the vagina and upon attempted reinsertion, instead pokes the cheek of the buttocks.
Everything was going fine 'till I boinked her. That shit hurts.
by Don't Ask, Please July 29, 2008
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