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Aka boi pussy, ass pussy, a man using his ass hole as a vagina...
Damian mentioned Tama got his boi cunt smashed by that hung black guy..
by WTF May 19, 2018
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A boicunt is a man, usually a boy in his teenage years, that is utterly retarded. this kind of kid believes that his youth will never run out, so he lives day by day spewing dead memes and jacking off to Zoie Burgher. He claims to have a girlfriend yet exaggerates his age so he can make online dating profiles. This is a lifelong loser in the making.
Student #1: Hey, hey, teacher!

Teacher: What?

Student #1: Do a barrel roll, lmao! *dabs*

Student #2: What a fucking boicunt.
by PinkSeason November 06, 2016
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