1. A dried and usually tasty snack to be found in ones nasal passage.
2. One over par on a golf hole.
3. An enemy fighter plane.
4. A homemade go-cart (soapbox racer in america) with no engine or brakes and very little steering, used for getting to the bottom of hills quickly and dangerously
1. Dave picked his nose and chowed down on a tasty bogey!
2. Par 3 hole, you get a 4, thats a bogey.
3. Charlie, Charlie. 9 O'clock, there's a bogey on my tail.
4. Timmy was a little nervous at the top of death hill as the bogey he had made with his father was less than roadworthy.
by thegul October 05, 2005
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An un-breakable and slightly psychotic bond, which will remain dormant regardless of relationship status. The bond refers to a unique trio consisting of peculiar and funky minds who collaborate to engage in pointless drama and demonstrate snakes-like behaviour in a consistent and intermittent pattern.
Example #1-
Bimbo 1: "Omg! It's been a while since we had a bogey reunion!"
Bimbo 2: "Omg Boges! you're so right, dinner tomorrow?"

Example #2-
Bimbo 1: Travels for 2 weeks.
Bimbo 2: Jumps to conclusions like Pocahontas...and assumes friend 1 isn't a true bogaholic and abandons the unbreakable union.
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by bogeylicious May 28, 2018
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A golf score.
One stroke over par.
It took Tiger Woods 5 strokes to knock the ball in the whole on a par 4. That is a bogey.
by Joao February 21, 2005
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Any guy that MAY be hitting on the girl you're interested in or dating, but they may be engaging in innocent chatter. Bogeys usually appear in a party or club setting.

If its with a girl you're interested in, but not dating, a wingman is recommended when intercepting, just in case the bogey is indeed hitting on the girl and you need to get him away with maximum success with the girl.

If its with a girl you're dating, a lone intercept with the bogey is sufficient with few exceptions. One exception is when the bogey is a B-52.
Wingman: Bro, I think we've got a bogey here

Leadman: Yeah, you're right. It looks like they're hitting it off. I'm gonna intercept.

Wingman: I'll back you up.

Leadman: No need bro. I'll let him know she's dating me and he'll back off.

Wingman: Dude, look at his Louis Vuitton suit. He's definitely a B-52.

Leadman: Damn, you're right. Come on, let's make our move.
by The Nataraja January 04, 2011
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Bogey or bogie has several meanings including:
A: Bodily mucus in the nostrils.
B: A golf score.
C: Nickname for American actor Humphrey Bogart.
D: Chassis or framework holding the wheels of a train.
"I'm a great fan of locomotives. Show me a bogey and I'm in paradise".
by Stormsworder April 05, 2009
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Runny mucus is snot, a bogey is a somewhat harder and crustier critter, but still dried snot.
by Ian Chode June 12, 2003
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