The usual piece of shit who thinks that he is a valuable member of society for leaning out of his beaten up vehicle, (Because he lacks class, and the knowhow to get a job, and thus a higher quality car than a beaten up Ford Falcon which sounds similar to a lawn mower) and screaming out "GO SON!"
Other phrases apparently evident are such terms as: "C'mon Son, You're not HARD enough!". These sexist and somewhat smelly individuals can be seen anywhere in a Pub, boasting about how drunk they got the week before. The only danger that a Bogan will ever encounter is one involving drowing in his own vomit, yet despite all evidence, some favourable qualities must be apparent to some people. These people are clearly Boganettes, and love to be abused by sexist, chauvanistic, sport loving, unintelligent, and overall stupid men. Australian society has taken a downfall, and the Bogan population are the "image" that is often represented as Aussie Culture. Well, this misconseption can be set straight, get these beer-swiggers of our continent, they are of no value.
Human: Excuse me sir, may I have a light beer?
Bogan: C'mon son, what's wrong with ya?
Human: I beg you're pardon?
Bogan: You're not HARD enough!
Human: What does that even mean? How does drinking a light beer establish an inferiority of any kind?
*At this point the Bogan becomes confused and resorts to violence, beating the human to the ground*
Is't it ironic how intelligence makes you a dumbass...
by Bogan loather #9, 999, 999 September 09, 2005
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no longer a bloke in a wife beater drinking VB.
now someone who does not dress up or is the least dressed at a gathering. (under-dressed)
i feel like such a bogan, everyone else is wearing high heels and dresses, and i'm wearing jeans and a jumper...(sweater)


what a bogan rocking up to a fancy restaurant in thongs (flip flops) and a baggy t-shirt.
by so_tired88 June 10, 2006
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Bogan - A term used to describe lower-class Australians.

Female Bogans- Usually wear either really skinny tight jeans or really flared ones with thongs, an oversized hooded jumper and lots of eyeliner. Hair is usually slicked back with flicks of oily hair that dangle over the forehead like a dead mouse.
They also usually have bad skin, LOTS of orange foundation and some have ratty hair extensions.

Male Bogans- Usually wear Bali Bintang singlets, tatty denim shorts and thongs. Their hair is usally cut into a "fob cut" and sometimes even has a rat's tail. They are often seen with a VB (cheap Australian beer) in hand. They also use swear words out loud and in public a lot of the time.

Bogan names- Krystal, Chez, Darryn, Jorja, Taylah, Tiarny-Rae, Nikita, Shakeelah, Tysen, etc.
It's more often the spelling that's bogan than the actual name. But any name's that end in 'Leigh' or 'Rae' are sure to be very bogan.
Sarah: Check those two bogans over there! Ew.
Jane: Ew that's Krystal-Leigh and her boyfriend Darryn. Ew, he's holding a VB and she's got her ratty hair extentions in. So ew!
by classsy January 19, 2011
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i went to a heavy metal concert and there were so many bogans
by napier bogan March 19, 2012
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The most common picture of a bogan is: with a tatty black hat, either on their head or rolled up in their back pocket, a shoulder length mullet, a black muscle tee with what they call 'artful' rips and tears, tight black jeans, worn away at the knees, steel capped boots, which have seen too many years of use, so the leather has worn away and you can see the rusty metal underneath. They can either be very tanned, or pale, this is a sign of whether they spends their time working on their 1980s Holden in their garage, or on their front lawn. If you cannot find them working on their car, this is because their wife has pulled them away from it, and in this case they can be found lounging on their tatty couch, watching rugby/cricket, with a beer in one hand, remote in the other, and somehow juggling this so they can scratch their gut, groin or head. Please note that all their clothing is black, either because they were bought this way, or because after the multitude of years that they have been used they are to grease and oil stained to look any different. In New Zealand, you can generally find Bogans in either the Hutt Valley or West Auckland
Mannn did you see that bogan?
by asdfreii March 20, 2004
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A mystical creature. Sports a mullet or similar gay hairstyle and a handlebar moustache or beard. Wears a flanny that doesn't fit, singlet, ugg boots, thongs, vfl league shorts, ripped jeans, AC/DC shirts and/or gay sunnies. Big beer belly. Often seen with a meat pie and VB in a holden swearing, "orh, ya farkin karnt! get outta me way! me sheila made dinnar and arm farkin starvin mate! the footys on in 5 minutes! i gotta get 'ome befor me sheila drinks me beer and smokes me ciggies mate!" Their religion is Cricket and GayFL and Holdens and Fords. When calm talks about shit no one cares about like his twin turbo and some Indian guy he saw the other day or watches GayFL. Will soon enrage him after Collingwood loses by 87 points. Stand in his way and you're a goner. Terrible accent. When rent of the flat is overdue by two weeks, he allows the landlord a night with his "sheila" or daughter.
Human 1: Who's that ugly kid with the mullet and freckles?
Human 2: I think that's a bogan.
Bogan: Orh, hay mate. Watch the footy last noight?
Human 1: We don't watch primitive sports. Sorry.
Bogan: Whaarrt!! I crashed in ta this plaice ta torlk about boegarn shiat!! And whaarts warshe, no VB!!
by sydney fc sucks_ November 20, 2010
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Australian Slang meaning redneck... but different. So you know those guys that listen to guns and roses wear flanos and have a mullet and handle bar moustache thats a bogan
"Mam I sure love guns and roses and Flanos,"
"U r such a bogan"
by FaroutBrusselsprout2 April 14, 2008
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