Someone who wears tight torn jeans, flanalette, smokes winfield blue, drinks VB and is a couch potato alco.
Me and proud of it!
Craigs Dad

Nobody likes, nobody likes, nobody likes a bogan!
by Bbbooogggaaannnsss August 07, 2005
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A Collingwood Supporter. Usually found with no more than 4 teeth, and has just been released on probation to go to the footy match...
A Tasmanian bloke, or Collingwood footy supporter; the usual bogans...
by -Dave_01- May 01, 2006
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Usually simplistic, stupid and racist people of low class but the definition occurs independent of the wealth of the individual. The person is likely to vote for Tony Abbott (as Prime Minister of Australia) or The National Party or The Liberal Party of Australia or some other loony rightwing nutters.
Shutup you bogan! You're making us all dumber.
by Marlow1980 February 12, 2011
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A bogan is the Mr. Hyde of native people up here in canada. they're the ones who pretty much speak a different language, never look you in the eye, mumble, and bitch unashamedly about the high prices of everything.
They can be seen usually hanging around in packs, down near creeks, on corners, or outside buildings. They prefer listerine or hairspray to alcohol, and buy or steal these things in abundance, so you can see then in the 24 hour supermarkets most of the time.
The usual dress for a bogan is:

Male: too-big black jeans, multi-coloured wind breaker, nasty reboks, beard, pony-tail
Female: too-tight jeans, big spare tire hanging over, too short and tight and low cut tanktop that leaves nothing to the imagination, men's dirty hoodie - unzipped, 3 or 4 little bratty kids in tow - doing whatever they want, without discipline, bow-legged.
Annoyingly bogans will basically talk to everyone, and have no problem asking for money or smokes, mostly in the form of "Hey der budday, you got some smokes der?"
or "hey der budday, you got some change man? i cant get money for da bus and i gotta get to walmart man?"
It's like eboniucs, but retarded...
You'd better watch out though, because they'll mug, rape and kill you faster than you'd beleive. they're basically the scum of the earth, an infestation, leakiing it's way further and further into canadian society. They just eat up all the tax money and have a million kids that they support with welfare.
"Watch out, there's a gang of bogans up there, put out your cigarette and cross the street, or there's going to be trouble"

"Hey der, man, i was gettin a coffee der man, and it cost me like 1.50 der budday, it's so expensive der man, and dey didnt even have butter if i wanted a muffin bro"
by CinnamonBum123 October 07, 2009
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A bogan is someone commonly found in Australia, or to be more precise, in the island state below Australia- Tasmania.
Bogans can be found usually residing in housing commision areas, outskirts of towns, generally highly suburban areas. They usually live in large groups of grey or red brick or besablock homes but only reside in thier own houses when they become too old or too fat or when they need to steal some of thier parents cigarettes/ money.
There are several bogan variations,but I have decided to cover one main group; young female bogans.
Young female bogan teens like to spend most of thier time running away from thier homes to go and 'hang out' with thier boyfriends, this is usually done when they are supposed to be at school. They usually wear tight jeans, a miniskirt over the top, a large 80's style belt, pink uggh boots, a tight shirt, a whole tube of mascara, an entire pallete of black eye-shadow, a few tubs of foundation and they usually like to have thier badly bleached hair tied up into a pony tail, although several of them have discovered that stealing thier boyfriends ford cap covers thier black roots. They are those girls that everyone in school thinks is classy, but really they end up with dead end jobs, 4 children by the age of 18, an abusive husband/s, lung cancer and several other problems.
Person one: I saw that girl cheryl from last year yesterday in a shop, she was pregnant
Person two: yeah, I heard she dropped out of school
Person three: lol what a bogan
by Kikitso October 02, 2005
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Bogan can be used in different contexts. Theres the lower life scum with bad/limited education, wife beater etc.. and there's the metalhead. A bogan is a metal head. Someone who listens to dimmu borgir etc. They genreally dress to such extend too.
Someone who listens to metal music. A bogan.
by Darkness_Belongs September 28, 2010
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