A person who explores all body openings for sexual experiences.
Janelle says Bryan is the best body surfer she has ever been with.
by Quido1 March 10, 2008
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1. A dude who "surfs" (either on the 'Net or at the beach) for cute chicks with great bodies.
2. A chick who offers her body to horny studs in exchange for their financial indulgences; she "rides the tide" (i.e., gleefully "glides on the crest" of her present lover's surplus savings) all the way into shore (i.e., to the point when the soft-skin-'n'-firm-flesh-craving dude's excess saving are eventually depleted by her wanton spending), then casually picks up her surfboard without even so much as a single backwards glance at her fiscally-attenuated ex-benefactor, and gracefully pirouettes off along the seashore of life in search of the next lonesome sucker sitting all by his lonesome on da beach of bachelorhood.
Financially-solvent hunks of any age should be wary of any hot chick who suddenly/unexpectedly comes onto him "with both barrels" and offers him a no-holds-barred good time, especially if he's not all that young or good-looking --- she may very likely just be a body-surfer.
by QuacksO March 09, 2018
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