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Get her in a body bag = death
Or a proverbial friendship death or boycott of one's public social media presence/public figure being "body bagged" or put to death via social media or that person's negligent decisions. A public (or sometimes private) figure's livelihood has been compromised due to extraneous circumstances out of their ability to legally thwart such demise. Defamation of character (public or private). Can mean the death of someone, literally, a threat from someone, or a career ending dogma. This phrase unfortunately applies to it all.
Dr. Luke (Lukasz G.) v Kesha Sebert Example: "He professionally and privately body bagged this girl, what left does she have"?

Someone knock that bitch out....forever.

"Body this bitch".
According to Wikipedia: body bag, also known as a cadaver pouch or human remains pouch (HRP), is a non-porous bag designed to contain a human body, used for the storage and transportation of corpses. Body bags can also be used for the storage of corpses within morgues.
Hoesika: All you want is camera time you first season thirsty ass bitch!

D: "Yao ya heels dirty....someone just body this bitch"!
by DejaVu Kah August 15, 2017
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