mr burn's bear, bobo from the simpsons
oh look! its mr burns bear, bobo
by nannner March 23, 2005
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Something, someone or even a mentality that is cheap, shit, rundown; no future.
1. What the fuck look at that bobo over there, that kid is such a bobo.
2. Those Skechers you're wearing are bobo as fuck.
3. Man, forget that bobo he has no future.
by troll24 June 05, 2014
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shoes that you get while in prison
i got my bo bo's when i was under the gun
by T-Gunz October 09, 2003
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ok bo bos IS NOT a sexual thingy it they are what you call fucked up soes
yo eric got them bo bos on
by Bros Call Me DP September 08, 2006
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Rockford west side ghetto slang for body odor.
Wut dat bobo do?

Damn nigga, you got dat bobo.
by BlackOrpheum April 14, 2017
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