A sinlge white male who inhabits in the same town for his whole life. He says he can drink 23 beer but he can only drink 5. His nights are spent with 8 guys drinking beer and bashing females. He lives on ICQ and does donuts in his computer chair.
His catch phrase is "Hands off my brownie!". He wear hats only on Saturdays.
Man that guy's hat is on backwards on a Saturday he is pulling a Board.
by Tristy Baby June 05, 2003
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A mechanical keyboard. Coders and other heavy typers choose specialized mechanical keyboards, or “boards” based on “clicks” or keyclick sound and depth as well as size and RGB functions,
“Did you see Bobby’s new board?”
“Yeah! It’s a 60% with red clicks. A really beauty.”
by Soirée Gun March 15, 2021
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Idk If I'm supposed to be happy or sad.
It's 2021
And I was studying for Boards in April, it's still April ik
And it's Ramadan alright
So I was kinda struggling okay?
Then this news comes up "CBSE cancels Board exams for grade 10"
I mean if it wasn't cancelled then I would've studied while fasting
And it's not just about fasting right so
Anddd it's cancelled and they said they'll promote us on the basis of our internal assessment marks💀
Well, I hope they just enter my Pre-boards marks because I'm confident in that
Even though I only got my English paper
Reminds me to check my g-mail
The gif I think is supposed to praise itself while there's a fire going on? idk
me: yo, Boards are cancelled
person: are they?
me: yes
person: *ok*
me: not for you
via giphy
by woahyou'recool April 17, 2021
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Slang way of being READY or AINT PLAYING ! (mostly used when talkin bout fights/fighting)
Bitch when I see you we on board frfr
by Anonymous 😂😂 March 15, 2019
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