Used by some of my friends to describe a map or level in a video game. Usually used when talking about said map or expressing opinion about that map.
Dude 1: "I love playing on this board"
Dude 2: "That's because it's the only one you can win on."
by JJB February 13, 2005
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1. Skateboard
2. Message board (especially an online message board)
1. He brought his board to class and left it under his chair until lunch.

2. If you're trying to practice a new language, find a board in that language.
by Anonymous June 22, 2003
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abbreviated term for 'board shorts.' board shorts, the optimal garment of choice for the summer months, are also useful in cold weather conditions, in hot tubs & the like.
'yo tyrrell, cop me a pair of boards pronto.'
by jsnyd October 04, 2005
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bored,phased out,bored with board and lodging
He was so board he did not want to spell bored well, oh well.
by Hercolena Oliver April 28, 2008
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How many girls at one time a man can call one for sexual favours. Commonly used in the phrase "Ive got board!" or in the question " Do you have board?"
Amy, Jess and Hayley are my board!
by Justin Acton September 10, 2006
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usually refers to board shorts, the garment of choice to some throughout the year. innovators of the boards are sean dwyer & mike tyrrell.
'ayo tyrrell let me cop a pair of boards.'
(subsequently, t would go to the whip and return with an assortment of three to four multicolored pairs of board shorts.)
by jsnyd September 28, 2005
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