When you click on an embedded YouTube video and it says: "Sorry this video is no longer available". Compare with blueballed.
His site is nice, but with the amount of controversial content he's fond of posting, I'm not surprised anymore when I go to click on some racy new video and end up getting bluetubed.
by AlephNought May 6, 2008
Mature your veins and vines savouring mature wines and adult dines on bluetube
by Hercolena Oliver July 4, 2010
When we're not sure what some electric devices are called, somehow we mix them up unintentionally like Bluetooth and YouTube.
Betsy:Hey Josh where's my Bluetube you had it last?

Josh:It's in the car,I took it off when I finished talking to Linda.
by FAFA-HEAD July 11, 2008
Any random porn site that encourages amateurs to upload their videos.
Tammy and I just made an awesome porno. We uploaded it to the internet. Soon, it will be all over BlueTube.
by SuperCabbie December 15, 2018