When a chick's boobs are so big you can see fat blue veins in them.
Hey bro, I couldn't take my eyes off her jugs she was totally blue veining!
by Hortos June 16, 2010
Smacking your girl in the face repeatedly with your stiff, rigid penis. Typically performed for her pleasure prior to oral sex.
I gave Rachel the blue vein beatdown last night before she sucked me off.

As soon as my dad left for work, I gave my step mom a blue vein beatdown.
by Eaton Holgoode April 11, 2017
Description for a rather handsome penis, a good piece of meat with blue veins in all the right places .
Mary and I went to a vegetarian restaurant last night, she ordered a Blue Veined Steak for later though... Top girl.
by gazza123 March 15, 2014
when the dick is at its fullest erection,when the vein in the penis is sticking out due to extreme horneyness.
come here baby, and relieve this big "blue vein throbber".
by randall March 22, 2003
See also brown bag test
A group of African Americans which limits its membership to "blue veins" or light skinned black people. During the turn of the century there were self-proclaimed Blue Vein Societies in dozens of US cities representing the miniscule Black upper and upper-middle classes. The societies aped partician white "Blue Blood Socieities" (satirzed by Edith Wharton) and their cheif purpose seems to have been to sponsor balls as meeting places for elgible "blue veined" youth.

The African American write Charles W. Chestnutt describes the origin of the term in the quote below when talking about the Cleveland Blue Vein Society.
"Some envious outsider made the suggestion that no one was eligible for membership who was not white enough to show blue veins. The suggestion was readily adopted by those who were not of the favored few, and since that time the society, though possessing a longer and more pretentious name, had been known far and wide as the "Blue Vein Society," and its members as the "Blue Veins." "
-- Charles W. Chesnutt, "The Wife of His Youth", 1898
by Bill Peters August 20, 2006
A condition of extremely veiny and elongated mammary glands. It first became popular in the mid 70s. Braless and unsupported, the stretched out veiny boobs dangled and created "granny tits' or "Blue veined danglers" typically found on D cups or larger. There is no cure for the disorder.
by Ivan barrister June 27, 2018