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1.A flower consider a rarity, something florist strive for
2. Something shrouded in mystery, implausible, unattainable,un-natural
3. symbolism in literature, and media as something mysterious and impossible
4. hope for a unattainable love
1.john won best in show at the flower show for his blue roses
2. to find the cure for cancer is consider a blue rose
3. in the glass menagerie blue roses was the misunder girl named laura
4. he sent her blue roses everyday in hope she would respond.
by demons October 12, 2008
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When one beats off ones self to the degree in which the head goes blue and a very prominent vein rides vertically across the "stem" of the penis.
After masturbating for 8 hours Tom noticed he had given himself the famous blue rose.
by CockSuckinF@gg69696 June 13, 2016
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