the crispy blue $100 bills with the blue stripe
Yo, I have a fat stack of blue bois saved up
by tsaal June 28, 2020
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A blue boy is a cops or any other law inforcement officers.
Man Dave Tezzy that party was bagging for show, until them blue boys showed up.
by Big Bing October 26, 2005
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1.A boy who wears blue,and is mostly looking happy,but really,hes lonely,give a Blue Boy a hug!
Have you seen Jason lately?
Yeah!He is acting sad!
Hes a Blue Boy
by TheyCallMeCrybaby_123 November 12, 2020
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depending on the location it could be a crip(crab) (its mostly a crip) or a sureno(scrap) or somebody in a gang/clique that bangs blue

its also a famous painting by thomas gainsborough
this red boy ran up n threw up the blood sign and was pistol whipped by a blue boy

a blue boy got shot by a popo
by da_reaver September 02, 2006
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Underground rapper best performing ...always focused and expected to do great changes.
Your rap ain't shit without some lil blue boy in it.
by lil blue boy June 23, 2017
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Some one can do no wrong, who is specially treated, especially by an authority figure.
"She won't tell me anything about that, Im her "blue eyed boy".
by Desired and Wanted November 24, 2013
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