The first novel in the vampire series by Melissa De La Cruz. Set in the city of Manhattan, the city's supernatural elite are running rampatant. But mysterious cases of full consumptions are turning up; vampires are dying!
The Blue Bloods novels are amazing.
by Ashley247 October 11, 2008
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A person of noble birth. this group of people are born into an elite and noble family. Blue bloods generally reside on the East Coast (New England) and live privileged lifestyles. Many blue bloods attend prestigious boarding/preparatory schools, elite institutions (colleges and universities); summer in expensive vacation communities (i.e. Martha's Vineyard, Long Island, Maine, New Hampshire, etc.), and wear preppy clothes. Blue bloods are usually extremely affluent and tend to not flaunt there money. They come from "old money" and are the opposite of "nouveau riche".
President John F. Kennedy (JFK) is a blue blood.

Henry lives in Greenwich, Connecticut; summers in East Hampton, goes to Phillips Exeter Academy and plans to attend Yale in the fall. He's a blue blood.
by huboli11 June 6, 2012
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Old school slang for common folks back in medieval times. Those of low class work in hard labor (agricultural) and spending majority of the time being exposed to the sun; so they tan. Where as the high class folks do nothing, but stay inside their homes; getting paler. So pale that their skin become--as some say like alabaster, that you can see their blue veins through their skin. Thus the word "Blue Blood".
it doesn't matter how hard your dad works, you'll never be a Blue Blood like us.
by cinnamonbon June 24, 2009
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(law enforcement) is a person who comes from a family in law enforcement and continues in the "family trade". Blue being a reference to "The Thin Blue Line"
Dave can't help it if his career is moving so fast, he's got blue blood.
by jitterz November 24, 2010
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A blue blood, when said in a conversation about college basketball, refers to the historically best programs.

Example Teams:
North Carolina
Many say that there aren’t any blue bloods in the 2019 Final Four, which consists of Michigan State, Virginia, Texas Tech, and Auburn.
by ICWeinerz69 April 5, 2019
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A recently founded secret society at the University of Southern California. It is a group of random rich elitist students. Unlike "Skull and Dagger," the "secret" honor society at USC, no one knows who its members are and how they are chosen. It is a lot like Skull and Bones at Yale except this group isn't well known.
USC student 1: "I wonder if they will pick me to be a part of the Blue Blood Society"

USC student 2: "Doubt it. You're not rich enough"
by sSCs August 11, 2011
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