A fictitious "medical condition" invented by men who think it is morally sound to trick young women into sucking them off. If you ever find yourself in a situation with a guy announcing that blue balls are "ridiculously painful and excruciating," feel free to give him a quick punch to the crotch so he can understand the reality of bruised balls. It is not your duty as a woman to bring every man who has ever been aroused because of you, to completion. A boner isn't a medical condition.
"Your just going to leave it like this?" -your typical sleaze ball pretending to have blue balls
"I'm sorry, were we in the middle of open heart surgery? I'm pretty sure you're fine. I'm not a doctor per se, but I'm fairly confident that blood will return to your system. Walk it off champ. I believe in you," - you (if perchance you do not want to bring every man you arouse to completion)
by elliotindigo September 14, 2014
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Excruciating pain felt in the balls when there has been prolonged arousa/erection which does not lead to ejaculation.

Nature's way of punishing failure to reproduce.
That lion got blue balls because he was unable to mate.
by rakeon2 July 17, 2008
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when ur so close to cumming and then the unexpected happens and u have to stop. you feel a horrible pain....oh my god i can barley describe the horror.
man: oh yeah....thats right keep on licking you dirty dirty ho.....

woman: what did you call me! find someone else to do this for you pervert!

man: noooooo.....what have i done?!

that was blue balls
by peanutphd January 10, 2007
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Santa's 10th Reindeer. Originally slated to team with Rudolph on that foggy Christmas Eve, Blue Balls was too inebriated to make the trip. After his fall from grace, Blue Balls left the North Pole in ignominy. It is believed that Blue Balls now owns and operates a bar in Reykjavik, Iceland. Much celebrated by adult drinkers, Blue Balls costumes can often be seen at Halloween and Holiday Parties.
Blue Balls was a talented flyer, but his lack of restraint ended his North Pole career.
by Glennmeister November 30, 2008
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When you get a really long, sick headjob and then she stops before you get to cum.
The female equivalent of forcing us to have a baby. It Fucking hurts.
by Diego September 11, 2003
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Fred Flintstone said to Barney Rubble, "I thought I had it bad, but Papa Smurf always has blue balls.
by Black Wolf October 22, 2005
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When some male gets horny...and doesn't blow a load.
"AW, Fuck dude, last night, my girlfriend was mad at me, and wouldn't jerk me off, i had the biggest hard-on and now i have blue ball.
by sfafas October 24, 2007
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