When you're close to orgasm but then you stop cause your parents are coming. Felt in the balls and partially in the taint
Oh ya, here it comes...*walking noises* Oh no my parents *zip*
by Marc December 18, 2003
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arousal of the penis without ejaculation, causing discomfort in the lower abdomen. Similar sensation to being kicked or hit in the tescticles.
She left me with a throbbing boner, man do I hate having blue balls.
by treverotic May 23, 2004
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1. A ball (usually used in the children's game of Kickball) that is blue.
2. A small town in Pennsylvania.
3. A hypothermic male's testicle.
4. The unpleasent feeling in a male's testicular region that results from euphoric sexual arousal that was cut tragically short before the male reaches an orgasm. The pain that results is dull and can last for up to 24 hours, and is comparable to getting ball-tapped for an entire day.
1. Billy and Jane went to play Kickball in the field with their new blue ball.
2. Amos and Jebediah live on a farm in Blue Ball, Pennsylvania.
3. The only thing the man who was buried in an avalanche could think of was his blue ball.
4. That silly, foolish girl didn't know that if she's selfish and doesn't give me an orgasm, I'll get a case of Blue Ball.
by Bert Murray February 15, 2006
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A horrendous pain that's like getting hit in the testicles... save for the fact that it lasts for hours. Ladies... imagine, if you will, getting your breasts slammed between a pair of rocks. I hear the pain women get when their breasts are manhandled is similarly agonizing.

Not a myth, but the people (crazy women) who believe that won't believe otherwise no matter what I say. I'd point you to science, but like I said... people that adamant about something usually plug their ears and shout about nothing (see intelligent design and pay note more to the reasons why it shouldn't be taught in schools, and the rationale for how those arguments are ignored).

And sure, guys can whack it to relieve it... but let's face it, that is kind of demeaning. Say I piled a bunch of bricks, wood, nails, paint, siding, and shingles in front of you and said "well, my work's done here; you can finish building the house!" Not an applicable analogy in every way and not as explicit a one as would be more appropriate, but if you don't take it too far, you get the idea.

Evil people who give this condition to men on purpose with malicious intent don't deserve the sexual attention that leads to such unfulfilled desires. People who don't know that it happens or have a moral obligation not to carry a male to full orgasm are a little more excusable, but keep in mind the pain you're causing. Maybe it'd be better if you either went all the way or just didn't take your man to such heights of desire; it's a mutual thing and you've got control too.

In any case, it should be clear in any relationship how far both partners are willing to go so that this kind of cruel bullshit doesn't occur, eh? Not that I will change many people but as long as UD can act as a personal blog like it does for so many of you I'll go ahead and use it.

Jezebel is a good person (ref: definition later in this page). I hope her mission succeeds.
*Jack and Jill are making out... it's been a while since the nursery rhyme and his head is fine*

Jill: I've got to go, my parents will get angry if I'm out past eleven.

Jack: *thinks "ah fuck, blue balls"* Do you have to go yet? *puppy dog eyes*

Jill: Yeah... I'm so sorry... here... *gives Jack a quick piece of 'hand'iwork that relieves him of his pain*

Jack: Oh, man, thank you so much, Jill, I needed that.

Jill: Call me! *leaves*

You get the idea.
by God-Emperor April 18, 2008
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What the Blue Man Group are rumored to have.
I paid good money to see a show at the Luxor in Vegas and the best part was when they displayed their Blue Balls to the cheering audience.
by JC October 16, 2004
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A painful feeling in the testicles, usually felt after being very sexually aroused, but you never blew your load.
"that girl was just playin' with me, cause when i was ready to fuck she said no and went to sleep! i got sooo blue balled!"
by xtremelybuffji January 01, 2004
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