The state of pain and discomfort caused by an interrupted session of fellatio. Can happen for a number of reasons, including (a) calling the girl by a name that's not hers, especially the name of an ex she knows about (b) turning on the TV in the middle of getting head (c) interruption by a third party, especially parents or other authority figures (d) the girl having had too much to drink earlier and needing to throw up right there and then (with it ending up on your shoes, trousers, and possibly lap). Results in almost cramp-like pains in the groin and/or abdominal areas. Sometimes used as a way for a girl to inform a guy she's breaking up with him.
1) I have blue balls, because I forgot and called my girlfriend by my ex's name.
2) Jimmy got blue balled when the girl he was feeding drinks to had to throw up.
by Evil timmy September 02, 2005
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The aching of testicles brought about by partial sexual deprivation or lack of poontang.
That skanky ho-bag left me with a mad case of blue balls!
by Batman November 10, 2001
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Blue balls happens when your with someone, kissing or something, and you are aroused for a long period of time, but you never ejaculate. Your balls may get bigger, or even shrink a little, and there is a slight bluish greyish color sometimes.
The pain is pretty bad. If you walk around, your balls and stomach hurts, but for a long time. It feels like you were kicked in the nuts, like when you get that stomach hurting feeling after being kicked there.
To cure: Have your partner finish you, or (God forbid), you gotta jack off. Without cumming, your balls can hurt for awhile. You gotta be careful not to go to fast because it hurts. IMPORTANT: This is kinda funny, but when you jack off after having blue balls, you will cum SO MUCH!! When I dont got blue balls, I cum like one solid piece, but with bllue balls I shot out like (No kidding), 5 good, solid shots. Be ready. Kinda like a cheap porno.
YOU: After Jenna came over, we kissed for awhile, but she left before we could do it.

FRIEND: Man, that sucks.

YOU: Yeah, and I got a serious case of blue balls.
by Nam Macs July 27, 2006
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This is an uncomfortable situation that describes the achy feeling in the balls after an erection that has lasted several hours longer than anticipated. Playing with big tits and making out can cause this in teenagers. Can only be relieved by masturbating as soon as possible.
"I sure had a bad case of blue balls after playing with Tracey's big tits and touching her sticky panties all night. She's lucky I didn't rape her."
by master of the factory March 25, 2008
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a point where a male is sexually worked up, only to be painfully disappointed.
Sasha blue balled Jonny by rubbing his penis and stopping before he was able to cum
by *Shlee* August 21, 2003
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when you dont finish the job while conducting sexual activities which causes extreme pain in the balls
by Hunter January 12, 2004
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Extreme seminal back-up caused by coming close to getting pussy and not getting it or not getting any for a long period of time. Aslo caused by long periods of semi-sexual activity and not getting any. ex: Dry humping, hand/blow jobs and not cumming.
My girlfriend can't blow and I got blue balls.
by Philip Murillo December 03, 2003
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