Two hours of dry fucking and no cumming = Blue balls
"Yo, i've gotta get going home now, cause i've gotta jerk-it"
by Reggie Regg November 22, 2003
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When a guy is driven to extreme sexual arousing without ejaculation.

The effect is a dull pain in the testicles that lasts for at least three hours.

The only cure is to beat one off, but this can also be painful, as it hurts to disturb the area.

The best known method is to simply go to bed and sleep it off.
Sharon rubbed her arse on my cock for ages. She wouldn't shag me, so I went home with blue ball.
by Buccio March 01, 2004
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When an erect penis cannot achieve orgasm; When a chick makes a guy horny without finishing the job
That hot chick, I met last night, got me so horny. Then she flat out left me. Talk about blue balls!
by bakerd812 November 21, 2004
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a condition where your balls (testicles) ache. Occurs after a few days of abstinance or after being very sexually aroused for a period of time without coming to orgasm.
I've got blueballs today, I haven't blown a load in 5 days.

My live-in was just playin' with me last night; when I was ready to mount her she said no and went to sleep! I got sooo blueballed I jerked off on her back.
by Jake February 20, 2004
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The single greatest and most used excuse by males to ensure that females or males finish the job.
Baby if you stop now I will get blue balls.
by madfelixxx December 13, 2007
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The excruciating pain felt in the balls when a girl gives you head, but doesn't finish you off.
by djdan December 29, 2002
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