1. Slang - To be extremely excited about something soon to happen, and become denied right before the event.

2. Actual - To be aroused to the point of extreme erection, and be denied right before actual intercourse. Testicles become bruised and pain occurs; hence the name and color description: blue balls.
1. I've been craving some MGD beer, but when I got to the bar they gave the last one to some bitch. Damn... what a blue ball.
by Ly (Chubby Cow) February 12, 2004
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The most excruciating pain you can experience while still having your balls intact. It happens when you've had an erection for a long time, but never achieved orgasm. If your cratch brushes the slightest bit against anything, it feels like they've been hit with a hammer.
She jerked me around for a few hours, but every time I was about to blow my load, she stopped. Now I've the worst blueballs ever.
by Pimpalicious March 24, 2005
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A painful condition when a man has been profoundly sexually stimulated but not allowed to ejaculate, leaving his balls feeling heavy and sore. It is my mission to relieve this unpleasant phenomenon.
His girlfriend had left him with blue balls, so I took pity on him and sucked him off until he came in my mouth. We both felt better after that.
by jezebel July 07, 2005
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1: In reality, it's bringing a male close to climax (close enough where his testicles get filled with seminal fluid and semen), but not letting him get rid of the built-up sex juices.
The resulting inundation causes extreme discomfort and pain, lasting for hours.
See also blue ball
2: In slang terms, it's the expectation and tremendous build-up of getting something you want, only to find that you're not going to get it in the end.
2: I'm sorry to blueball you, but remember how I said you're getting a Corvette, yeah, you're actually getting a Yugo...
by The horror...the horror... August 09, 2004
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When a woman teases your cock to the point of no return then backs off..
As i was leaving the state, my gf decided to give me a half blowjob before i got on the plane..

3 fkn hours of excruciating blue balls pain and no way of releif.
by flat6 May 24, 2006
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Something a guy will tell a girl to get her to sleep with him. (She usually laughs and thinks it's funny. It works better than getting angry.)
guy1-"I have blue balls..." teenage girl2-"awwww.. pooor baby... why don't you drop your pants down and let me suck you off!"

girl2-"My ex-boyfriend used to have blue balls all the time..." current boyfriend- slaps his face... gets angry because he hasn't had any in a few weeks.

girl2-"what's wrong baby?"
by yogiepopo February 02, 2014
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