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To give a guy Head/Blowjob. Slang word for blowjob really.
"Can i have a blowie?"
by Miss Parker March 08, 2005
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shorthand version of a blow job aka gobby
that girl gives a killa blowie

man i feel like a blowie
by skatman May 25, 2003
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Something that you blow weed smoke into and it makes it smell like air freshener
Jesus Joe pass me that blowie my dad can't know we're smoking pot in here
by SmokeDope! April 16, 2009
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australian term for a blow fly
get the flyspray thiers a bloody blowie in the house
by ratman September 02, 2003
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A device used commonly when smoking pot in an area user's do not wish to get caught.
Made by using a toilet paper roll and covering one end with a laundry sheet such as "bounce" or "tide" sheets. Another laundry sheet is pressed inside the tube so when the user exhales into the blowie, the smoke comes out smelling nice and fresh.
by CoreyR October 06, 2006
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a blow job that any person of the same or oppistite sex would give you preferably the opposite sex
o man she gave me a blowie last night!
by JACK February 14, 2005
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