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The act of masturbating oneself into a near coma. Blood wanks occur as a result of massive sexual frustration and unobtainable relief. Hordes of comic book collectors have drawn blood in frenzied orgies of embittered masturbation on an almost daily basis. The only way to cure a blood wanker is take him to a brothel and get him everything he needs.
"Have you read the latest issue of 2000AD?"
"Not had time. Serious blood wank week."
by Lolo Bolo December 21, 2007
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The act of wanking (masturbating) using blood as a lubricant.
Emo 1: "I'm so Emo last night i slit my wrists and used to blood to enhance my wank"
Emo 2: "Dude, I had a blood wank last night too."
by C_A_FUK March 13, 2008
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