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A long narrow piece of hard fabric (usually cotton) that is inserted into a bloody canal by means of a plastic applicator. Its typical purpose is to reduce blood/egg flow. It comes in a variety of thickness: for those who have wide blood faucets, there are super jumbo blood socks available. Likewise, there are slim blood socks available to those who have tight faucets. The blood sock is not meant to remain in the vag for longer than 8 hours. When 8 hours is up, it must be removed by yanking on the pull string that hangs down from the blood region. It must be pulled slowly, however, because yanking too fast can result in squirting blood everywhere making an awkward squelching sound.
Jane: I need to take out my tamponn it's been in for like 2 days!
Lisa: Don't you mean your BLOOD SOCK?! hahaha.
Jane: Shut up you stupid cunt.
Lisa: Call me a cunt, but I sure hope I'm not any wider than yours. lawlzie!
by bloodmuffin March 12, 2008
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