It's the nickname of An Author's Blog during the 2012-2014 era; it's the blog of the publisher of The Ethereal Gazette that does in depth investigative journalism that goes further than some of the major news sources. The noted blog entries "King James Only Examined," "Faustian Bargain," "I Don't Understand (This World)" and "Lying Bastards All Around," then noted for coining Shadow Dolls Plagiarism Affair as he was scammed by the serial plagiarist in the HWA and SFWA in 2007 then finding out about it in 2010 around Halloween. Noted for being home on
The noted blog of the writer of An Eye In Shadows that paired with Tumblr been prone to engage in Twitter and LiveJournal gangups as seen them in the comments on his own blog, the re-emergence of the blog became noted as the light blue blog that took aim at Anderson Cooper when he was feuding with Smashing Pumpkins lead singer and fellow Glendale Heights notable. Candid life meets in depth reporting as he's often telling the truth at the expense of the rest of the factions of the genre industry busting their corrupt politics. Noted in 2007-2008 to coin Piss Blogger when addressing blogtrolls on YouTube as he saw Something Awful lifting his senior picture as the joke "Hogwarts School of Tabloid and Investigative Journalists" was born from it. He uses documentaries found on youtube to give his investigative entries more venom -- "King James Only Examined" and "Scaring People For Al Time" are the two that caught the most wind for being extremely investigative. His introduction to Buzzfeed was an expose of a former Cradle of Filth backing vocalist suggesting she needed to educate herself further before saying something out of ignorance.
by illinoishorrorman February 11, 2018
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A Blog with a Specific Theme or interest.

When a blogger develops more than one blog, because they have eclectic interests and what may be applicable to one blog, may not be "theme-specific' to their Home Blog.
She had a theme-specific blog for fashion.
by Tankai II January 30, 2014
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one of the most refreshing types of blogs you'll ever see. they're like a dark version of a pale blog but cooler. it's about sadness life and fasion and shit.
"i saw this really nice water blog yesterday. i raped the fuck out of that archive my nigga burrr"
by underneath_ May 16, 2013
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