Another FAA Compliant method for saying to clear comms.

Follows in the trend of "no one cares" and "write a book".
"Okay, you are to be QUIET because I was just in a 747 and turned into a 737"

"Blog it."
by RussianWithAPassion March 21, 2022
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blog-jacker, a person who comments on a blog trying to upstage or out-do the original blogger. Blog-jackers rarely have their own blog- for fear of being blog-jacked themselves
posted my latest fishing catch results on my blog, some blog-jacker git commented by claiming he'd caught the same as me, but they were all a pound bigger
by chilli ring November 7, 2009
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Also a blogh job. A type of bullshit job - a pseudo business - that takes all of a person's time without any profit.
- Hey, John, what have you been doin' with yourself lately?
- Been doin' my blog job.
- Have you blown enough to rent a room and move away from your mama?
- Nah, a blog job is not that much paid as a blowjob...
by Murdoc Kylburne February 13, 2019
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Someone who has stumbled blindly onto blogging, became quickly obsessed, learned the ropes, and now spends quite a bit of time blogging.

Inspired by magazine article: This Trained Monkey Spends Most of Time in His Master’s Workshop (Sep, 1929 Modern Mechanix)
Wow, you are quite a blog monkey! I didn't know you even knew how to blog.

Any blog monkey can write a blog if left alone long enough with a computer!
by THE Martini Mike December 29, 2011
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To blog off means to surf the internet in a way that is socially innapropriate, such as: at your friends wedding reception, at work, immediately after the sexual act, or at a keg party.
"say Jesse, is it OK if I go to your room and blog-off, I'm expecting some hits back about my resume?"
"uh, maybe once we're all done singing happy birthday, asshole"
by BettyHer April 22, 2008
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the peoples of an african american descent, that love the blog.
"message to the blog people"
by comitiker April 22, 2021
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When you religiously read someones blog whom you are no longer associated with
Stuart is always reading Dana's blog; What a blog stocker!
by hclegg92009 June 19, 2008
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