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(n) bling bling for the vagina. Often used to spruce the region up, sometimes used to distract from reality.
John and buddy Sam go to bar. John and Mary meet at bar. Mary seduces John. Sam leaves alone. John goes home with Mary. Mary takes clothes off for John. John eats out Mary. Then they have sex. Then John Goes home.

Johns face breaks out over the weekend and goes to work on Monday. John see's friend Sam....

Sam: "Hey John, how was Mary"

John: "She had some bling bling on her Va Jay Jay and that shit was sweet tasting. I'm going back over tonight."

Sam: "She's hot. But. That was bling vag - they distract from reality. She was covering up the herpes that you now have on your face. I gave them to her. Bling Vag baby. Bling Vag."

John: " You Mother Fucker! You're lying!"

Sam: "No, for real. I gave her the bling vag to help her feel better about herself."

John: speechless

Same: "But they probably make bling bling for the face too. Isn't that why people have gold teeth or grilz?"
by boredat1129-407baby! January 24, 2011
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