Black wheels on a car, wheels wit no hubcaps on em.(because when you take the hubcaps off it's a black wheel behind it.)
Dat nigga Ed got blackies on his car.
by Pink Panther June 21, 2004
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A self loathing white boy who spends 23/24 hours of the day playing mmorpgs and omgpop. You cannot change the views of a blacky as it lives in his own secluded world. A blacky tends to become attached to the world of internet friends and is quite fond of internet relationships. If you verbally harm a blacky you will be projected with approximately 10 walls of angry text about your social life. A blacky is a person who most likely dropped out of college due to the addiction of the fantasy life of gaming.

Age Range: 20-End of your life
Why the hell is this guy writing about other people's lives?

Don't worry hes just a blacky.
by GunzFactor Community May 9, 2011
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wigga = white + nigga
blacki = black + paki
you see where the word comes from. its a person of indian asian origin, trying to be black. london is full of them. its actually quite insulting to us (black people) coz, they think like they popped their kneecap out of place makes them look like us. it dont end there either.

they try to adapt our style. i see them wearin flat caps on the side of their heads. thats messed up.
man check out that crew of blacki's, i say we go murk them now.
by rafiki March 8, 2006
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a groupchat consisting of a group of 3 black people(niggas) playing rento, crazy 8, and 8 ball pool(all bootleg versions of famous games). They constantly roast eachother and team up on eachother. They make many racist jokes and always get salty,
message blackies
by Blackies Inc. January 12, 2019
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Slang term for Black & Mild cigars. Characterized by their plastic or wooden tip, and use of pipe tobacco, they are a nice alternative to cigarettes when you're in the mood.
Exemplary Individual 1: Yeah he left me a couple blackies...

Exemplary Individual 2: Word, hit me up with one!
by Toolhead November 11, 2012
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When a person's sick/vomit/chunder comes out black or dark brown after consuming vast amounts of alcohol.

Blackying may also occur when the consumer has not drank a lot but can't hold their drink very well.

It may also occur on a hangover.

Blackying is similar to being on a 'whitey'.
I'm used to blackying. I blackied last night. I'm about to blacky.
by D_93 April 15, 2011
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