A nice term to refer to African-Americans as.
That blacky sure Knows how to buy a white vote
by Pickles420 April 29, 2021
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the black guy with the last name cruise who sing the song have no strings in the movie gamer
holy crap is that blacky cruise?

i dont know lets go ask him to sing i have no strings
by havenostrings September 21, 2010
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a 57-year-old brit of unknown origins who has spent the past 19 years of his life in a coal mine turning his skin black. he smokes 17 packs a day and his voice is what can only be described as a mixture of phlegm and sandpaper. due to the tar from the fags his lungs have been turned entirely black also.
hay have you seen blacky tabacy ? I heard the fags turned his skin black.
by diabetes dick January 20, 2021
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6'1 1/2
this average blackie height is 6'1 1/2
by SoldNiggaTTV July 14, 2022
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